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Breakthrough Indie

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Emerging indie rock artists. Cover: Madeline The Person


1Unrecognizable2Record Player3This Enchanted4Low Era (Edit)5Vices6KEEP THE PACE7forward is the way out8Seventeen9Valentine10Pill Party11Only A Fool (feat. Samia)12Life In Stereo13Alone Together14Grumpy Old Man15Your Love16Sweat Forever17Brand New18GPS (w/ Felly)19Lean Into Life20Hideaway21Good As I Wanted22Abyss23Turtleneck Sweater24lowlife (with kenny beats)25Stranger (for now)26Guerrilla27August (feat. Adam Melchor)28That Spell29Heard It On The Radio30A Word & A Wave31Walkman32Say Goodbye33Can't Stop34We Don't Need To Talk About It35Juice Is Loose36Gears37Talk It Out38Gazeback39Turning Point40Model Me41Met A Stranger42Parking Lot (Stripped)43Manic Pixie Dream Girl44I'm Doing Just The Best That I Can45Big Mountain46Amsterdam47Presidential Walk48Early Bopper49No Direction50Too Late51my life is boring52dumb dumb53Street Fight54I Want It All55Killer Killer56Mold57I Need You Bad58A Piece Of Your Mind59Quiet On Set60Back In The Day61Until I See You Again62Real Thing63You Don't Want This64Sunshine State65UP UP AND AWAY66Little Love67Full Size Render68it's a landslide69Lake Superior70Last Star71Nobody Has To Know72Funk Olympics73Winter's Coming74Blow Up75Coming Over76I Won't Let You Down77Residing in the Sky78Rich (Amazon Original)79How Beautiful Life Can Be (Single Version)80Loverini (feat. L'Impératrice)81Watching the Willows Burn82In Love83Composers84Draw Down The Moon85Georgia Peach (Sketch)86Overexposed87Better Apart88make believe89Hurting Kind90are you?91I'm Only Talking92Peace & Understanding93Gretzky94Bowman95assignment song96Hide Away97Sexy Villain98Oh!