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The best & newest of emerging Canadian Hip-Hop Cover: Yung Tory


1Lover Boy2Get Back Up3Cognac4PRICELESS5No Sleep (Sega Gen 2)6Jane Street7Baddies8All Facts (feat. Smiley)9Have Her10Show Off11Free Me12REAPER13Tonka Truck14lonely.15Casket Fresh16DWTD17Open Fire18Bring It Back19Maktub20Take The Lead21Let It Ring22Too Many Losses (feat. Dave East)23POP 224REDLIGHT25It’s Up, It’s Us (Amazon Music Original)26Forever27SOMETIMES I NEED SILENCE28Front Door29Can't Be a Friend30Rastar 4 Ever31Call Up32Julie3341034Real Eyez35Down36Lately37MVP38FR33ZING39Bags40Pull Up Riicch Mix (feat. Bryson Tiller)41NORTHSIDE42Run With The Wolves43No Mistakes44ALL CAPS45Running Game46W C H M F47Only You48Forgot We Were Seeds497 Above (feat. Vory)50SHINE51please.52Slide53BE WHAT IT BE (feat. NorthsideBenji)54W Hotel55Intergenerational56WHAT'S THE MISSION5724 Hours (feat. VNCE CARTER)58Work59Baller60All I Want Is You (feat. NorthsideBenji)61Left The Trenches62What's Beef (feat. Jay Trak)63No Adlibs64Strictly65Minimum Wage66WHO'S THAT (Remix)67Another Day (feat. Nate Husser, Rvlr Magz)68Splash69Pz Don't Trip70Cheques71Babe Ruth72Flatline73Rush Hour74Over The Top (feat. Drake)75Cocaine Spoon [feat. Rick Ross]76Never Sleep [feat. Travis Scott]