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Rap Rotation

Seleccionadas por Amazon Music's Experts and Updated Fridays.

A new home for hip-hop in heavy rotation. Cover: Kendrick Lamar.


1Not Like Us2Wanna Be (Remix)3PLAY DA FOOL4BAND4BAND5Houdini6Let's Go (Remix)7Family Matters8Like That9Swear to God (feat. Future)10ATTITUDE (FEAT. CHARLIE WILSON & CASH COBAIN)11Survivor’s Remorse12Best For Me13Crocodile Tearz14euphoria15Type Shit16TRYNA MAKE SURE17Monsters Inc. [feat. Future]18redrum19FTCU (SLEEZEMIX) [feat. Travis Scott & Chris Brown & Sexyy Red]20Push Ups21Yeah Glo!22CARNIVAL (feat. Rich The Kid, Playboi Carti)23Twisting Fingers24Get It Sexyy25BOA26U My Everything (feat. Drake)27Grippy28meet the grahams29H.Y.B.30soak city (do it)31treesh32Shutcho33Gimmie A Light34Body (feat. Cash Cobain)35whatsapp (wassam)36Precision37OKAY385AM IN PHILLY39prada dem (feat. Offset)40Champagne Moments41Climate (feat. Offset)42Get In With Me43BUSSIN44Steppas45Enough (Miami)46Lovin On Me47Red Leather48Never Lose Me49Himothy50First Person Shooter [feat. J. Cole]51Thought It Was Over52Mmhmm53Surround Sound [feat. 21 Savage & Baby Tate]54Whatever She Wants55Lemme See56Yeern 10157Finesse58Over Hoes & Bitches (OHB)59Whatever I Want60Nights Like This61Old Days62prove it63Lyfestylë64Like What (Freestyle)65BANDIT66FE!N67Crazy68Point Em Out69WORTH IT70Presha71BIG EVERYTHING72Say Ya Grace73Lace It74Shotta Flow 7 (feat. Lil Mabu) [Remix]75née-nah76Doomsday Pt. 277Long Story Short78Glizock & Wizop (feat. Key Glock)79To The Bank80Everybody [feat. Lil Uzi Vert]