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Fresh Hip-Hop

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Unearth the hottest new tracks in hip-hop. Cover: Don Toliver.


1BROTHER STONE (FEAT. KODAK BLACK)2TABOO MIAMI3Mink4WalkOnBy (feat. Earl Sweatshirt & Rae Khalil)5Magnolia Rain6SportsCenter7Where You Been8LUV 4 YA9Thorns10Twisting Our Fingers11BIGGAVEL12Ice Me13Off Dat Drank14HOMICIDE15act bad twin!16OUTSIDE17AYO18Came 2 Party19Splitz (Feat. Lil Baby)20real feel21PLAY DA FOOL22Sunday Service23Monsters Inc. [feat. Future]24Hello B*tch25Rump Punch26Do This For Me27Hello28Cake29BMXXing30HOT ONE31Dreams32SINCE I WAS LIL33Polynesian34SHAKE (feat. Kaliii and Stunna Girl)35Plug36LIGHTS OUT37BDK38MPH39Skyami40Never Make Me Hate You41Pop It42Rug Burn43Survivor’s Remorse44Houdini455AM IN PHILLY46Wanna Be (Remix)47On My Own (2016)48Angels In The Sky49Heavy On My Heart50Pop Yo Shit51AR52Young Nigga53Magic Johnson54SIDE EFFExT [feat. Lil Yachty]55Daylight56GURBS & YOUNGS57Rule No. 158Help Me59LUNCHROOM FREESTYLE (feat. BabyTron)60Why Oh Why61LAY UP62Dream Summer63Bad Bitty64Grippy65ATTITUDE (FEAT. CHARLIE WILSON & CASH COBAIN)66BAND4BAND67U My Everything (feat. Drake)68Q-Dogz69Clear the Smoke70Fell In Love (2016)71Coke Bottle Body72Wise Up73Shame On The Devil74Lost Intro (Sango’s Version)75For You76Risk Taker77Gimme A Second78NOTT79Frenzy80From That Way81WEIRD82Gank Move83Pick N Roll84Bury My Problems85Mixed Feelings86Elegant87HEAVY REAU88Good Morning89Complicated90Erykah Badu91Like This92Situationships93Wildlife94Body (feat. Cash Cobain)95Shutcho96Little Foot Big Foot97Win Wit Us98Everything Lit99Together100Workin On Me101Back In My Bag102NANi103R50104Never Stop105BOA106one of wun107LLOGCLAY108Gimmie A Light109The Greatest110Stickin And Movin111Swear to God (feat. Future)112neck on a yacht113Hell Yea114Winners In Paris115Treat Myself116GTA117Headrush118COOL DOWN [feat. YG]119HEAT STICK120Mercedez121RED LIGHT122One in the Head123DO WHAT I LIKE124Goin Down125Meet Me In Napa126Chances Make Champions127Not Like Us128whatsapp (wassam)129TRYNA MAKE SURE130Family Matters131euphoria