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Hey, Hi

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It's a vibe. Medium Build on the cover.


1Cutting Thru The Country2Care3New Friends4Foam5Starving6Time Machine7Too Much8Flowers9End of Beginning10Soak11Spring Is Coming With A Strawberry In The Mouth12Leave Her13Missing Out14Feeling Good Today15Your Apartment16Deeper Well17Cigarettes & Wine18Burning Down the House19Rollin' In20breath away21Murder on the Dance Floor (triple j Like A Version)22I Write The News23I'm in Love24Obsessed25take yr time26Subtitles27Fallout28Crying Over U29Sadie30Wish You Were Dead31Dangerous Game32NEVER AGAIN33Tragedy34Lego Ring35Haunted World36I-90 Bridge37Just In Time38Her Garden39Home40Wild Days41Pick At Your Face42Anyone But You43Caesar on a TV Screen44Coming of Age45Walked In The Room46Baby (Amazon Original)47Blades (ft. redveil)48Yard49rUN tHE FaDE50LAUREN51Water Underground52Dead Butterflies53Puppet54What Love Is55Pop Star (Chaeyoung Remix)56Sweet N Low57Madonna58Separate Ways59Backwards60Jasmine61THEY TOOK THE NIGHT62alone63Bubba64Slugs65HUSH66Velvet67Changes68My Love Mine All Mine69This Time of Night70On Your Side71Outward72Once then we'll be free73Killing My Borrowed Time74we're all eating each other75GLOW76If It Makes You Happy77You First (Re: Remi Wolf)78What Should I Do?79Are You Looking Up80Hello81bella82Capable of love83Paulie Bleeker84Dang85Lover Is a Day86My Lady of Mercy87I Might be Fake88Boys Don't Cry (Amazon Music Original)89Ambrosia90All Eyes on Me (feat. BENEE, Chad Hugo & Pusha T)91Planet Express92Sleep Through The Fire93Prrrblm94All Night95I Don't Wanna Dance96Will Anybody Ever Love Me?97Bad Habit98NFU99Lifetime100lacy101Pilot102Mama's Boy103Black Dress104Bushwick Cowboy105Next Best Exit106Wasted Summers107Sidelines108Boy Scout109Easy Thing110Sparkle111Heartquake112Theatre113Prism114The Dark Prince115Sinner116Find My Way117wonder if u care118But Not Kiss119drive ME crazy!120Back On 74