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Seleccionadas por Amazon's Music Experts.


Seleccionadas por Amazon's Music Experts.

Revisit the life work of an American treasure, blues icon, & electric guitar pioneer.


1Why I Sing The Blues2Three O'clock Blues3The Thrill Is Gone4Chains And Things5Never Make A Move Too Soon6Sweet Sixteen Parts 1 & 2 (Remastered)7Sneakin' Around8Let The Good Times Roll (Album Version)9Hummingbird10Every Day I Have The Blues (Live At The Regal Theater, Chicago, 1964)11Sweet Little Angel12Better Not Look Down13There Must Be A Better World Somewhere14Paying The Cost To Be The Boss15Rock Me Baby16Same Old Story (Same Old Song)17How Blue Can You Get (Live From Madison Square Garden, New York/1969)18To Know You Is To Love You19It's My Own Fault (Live At Western Recorders Studio1/1974)20Woke Up This Morning (My Baby She Was Gone)21You Upset Me, Baby22Don't Answer The Door (Live At Western Recorders Studio1/1974)23I Like To Live The Love24When It All Comes Down (I'll Still Be Around)25Blues Boys Tune (Album Version)26Worry, Worry27Confessin' The Blues28When Love Comes To Town29Please Accept My Love (Live From Madison Square Garden, New York/1969)30Please Love Me31Blues We Like (Album Version)32When My Heart Beats Like A Hammer33I'll Survive34How Blue Can You Get? (Live At Cook County Jail, Chicago/1970)35Mean Ole' World (Album Version)36Broken Promise (Album Version)