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REDISCOVER Red Hot Chili Peppers

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Follow the musical friendship of Flea & Anthony Kiedis from its punk-funk roots into its 5th decade.


1Dani California2Can't Stop3Otherside4Under the Bridge5Soul to Squeeze6Tippa My Tongue7By the Way8Californication9Tell Me Baby10Give It Away11The Drummer12Higher Ground (Remastered 2003)13Me And My Friends14Suck My Kiss15Snow (Hey Oh)16Aeroplane17Black Summer18Scar Tissue19The Zephyr Song20Breaking the Girl21Dark Necessities22The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie23Around the World24If You Have to Ask25Fight Like A Brave26Hump de Bump27Here Ever After28Dosed29Warped30Parallel Universe31I Could Have Lied32Pretty Little Ditty (Remastered)33My Friends34Road Trippin'35Not the One36Universally Speaking37Charlie38True Men Don't Kill Coyotes (2002 Digital Remaster)39Knock Me Down (Remastered)40Sick Love41Poster Child42Blood Sugar Sex Magik43Fire (Remastered)44Behind The Sun45Catholic School Girls Rule (Remastered)46Fortune Faded47The Getaway48Stadium Arcadium49Don't Forget Me50Taste The Pain (Remastered)51Special Secret Song Inside52Castles Made of Sand (2006 Remaster)