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Electronic Feels

Seleccionadas por Amazon's Music Experts and Updated Weekly.

The latest in emotive and melodic future vibes. Cover: Crooked Colours.


1Feel It2Love Letter (feat. The Knocks)3Gone4COMPLICATED (feat. aldn & 8485)5Forever6Child7Fall Into Me8Amnesia9Crossed Our Hearts10Oxygen11Lights Go Down (with SIDEPIECE)12Another Life13Could I Be Somebody14Love You Back15Sirens (feat. Caroline Polachek)16On Your Own (feat. Elderbrook)17Let You Go18Riptide19i don't feel anything anymore20Issues21Love Again22New Day23Safe And Sound (Jonah Walsh Remix)24Entity (feat. sh4dows)25Love You Like That26HOW I FELT (feat. Reo Cragun)27Emotion28Waves29Mitosis30Behind The Sun31Ricercar32Before U33LIES (feat. REAH)34Somehow We Lost It All35High Rise36Till Death Do Us Part37Red Lights (EMBRZ Remix)38Looking For Love39Readjust40Hello World41Something Real42Bullet43Circles44find your way (Elohim Remix)45Avalanche46Who You Are47Soul (Radio Edit)48Keep It Complicated49Highland50iPad51Sky Is Crying (Kasbo Remix) [feat. Yuna]52Rebirth53If That's What You Need54Hanging On55Messin' Me Up (Yash Remix)56Stained Glass57I'll Look After You58Coffee59U Gave Me Nothing60Firepit61Million Reasons62Fall In63DEATH FANTASY64Lay It All On Me65Say Nothing (feat. MAY-A)66Call My Name67What Can I Do68Here69It's Our Destiny [feat. Kučka]70Let Me In71Headlights (feat. KIDDO)72Pressure (Afriqua Remix)73The Otherside74The Last Goodbye (feat. Bettye LaVette)75Holding Back76FLOW IN YOU (feat. June One Kim)77Hips78care about u79Dark Places80Automatic81WYGD82Never Ending83Statues84Synthopia Prime85My Wicked86Come Clean87Parallel Heartbreak [feat. Pauline Herr]88Sweetest Thing (feat. Davis)89Angel90Cry91Love Brand New92Waiting For93Knife's Edge94Looking for Gold95Needy96Breathe Fresh Air97Stuck On You (feat. Donna Tella)98What Have You Done To Me?99Warmer100All Mine