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Music From Peacemaker

Seleccionadas por Amazon's Music Experts.

Here are the headbangers & power ballads heard in Peacemaker. Because there's no bad time to rock.


1Do Ya Wanna Taste It2Pumped Up Kicks (feat. Ralph Saenz)3Come On Come On4Drag Me Down5Six Feet Under6Jawbreaker7House of Pain811th Street Kids9Fallen Star10Welcome To The Church Of Rock And Roll11Summertime Girls12Night Of Passion13I Don't Love You Anymore14Love Bomb Baby157 O'Clock16Borderline Crazy17Don't Treat Me Bad18Boots on Rocks Off19Would You Love a Creature20Push Push (Lady Lightning)21Beat the Bullet22I Wanna Be With You23Enemy In Me24Fight Song25The Both of Us26How Come It Never Rains27The Human Paradox28New Thing29Monster30Home Sweet Home (Piano Version)31Home Sweet Home32Kiss Me Deadly33In My Dreams34Don't Close Your Eyes35Hot Cherie36By The Grace Of God37Set The Night On Fire38If You Really Really Love Me39Apologize40You Can't Kill My Rock 'n Roll