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Disney Para Dormir

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Paz y tranquilidad para una noche de sueño


1Dos Oruguitas (From "Encanto"/Instrumental)2Just Around The Riverbend3Somewhere Out There (Instrumental)4Once Upon a Dream5Can You Feel the Love Tonight (Instrumental)6A Wish Worth Making (Instrumental)7A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes8The Climb9How Far I'll Go10When You Wish Upon a Star11Part of Your World12A Whole New World13This Wish (Orgel Version)14Stay Awake/Feed The Birds Medley15All Is Found (Kacey Musgraves Version/Instrumental)16Remember Me (Amazon Music Original)17Baby Mine18Winnie the Pooh19Someone's Waiting for You20I'm Wishing/One Song21Almost There (Orgel Version)22Born to Play23Steal The Show24At All Costs25Just Us26You're Welcome (Orgel Version)27What's My Name28Reflection (From "Mulan" (Feat. Guo Gan))29You'll Be In My Heart (Instrumental)30The Second Star to the Right (Instrumental)31Carried Me with You32Beauty and the Beast [feat. Julia Henderson]33We Don't Talk About Bruno (Orgel Version)34Love35Colors of the Wind36The Bare Necessities37Rainbow Connection (Instrumental)38You Can Fly! You Can Fly! You Can Fly! (Instrumental)39When You Wish Upon A Star40Beauty and the Beast41Hakuna Matata42I See the Light43With A Smile And A Song44Reflection45Strangers Like Me