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REDISCOVER Primavera Sound 2005-2009

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Revive Primavera Sound's best acts from its expansion: 2005-2009.


1No Cars Go2Because the Night3Heart of Gold (2009 Remaster)4A-Punk5Bring The Noise6Blue Monday '887Kids8Glory Box9when you sleep10The Greatest111979 (Remastered 2012)12Going To A Town13Skinny Love14I Wanna Be Your Dog15Silver Rocket (Album Version)16Un Buen Dia17Bright Yellow Gun18Dirty Blvd.19The Magic Number20Ace of Spades (2020 40th Anniversary Remaster)21He's on the Phone22D.A.N.C.E.23Over And Over24Blue Orchid25Hope There's Someone26Fireworks27Whip It (2009 Remaster)28Do You Realize??29Cigarettes30We're from Barcelona31Del Montón32De Momento Abril33Nub34Breadcrumb Trail (Remastered)35Banquet36Damaged Goods37Mountain Energei38Bury Me With It (Jacknife Lee Remix)39You Can Have It All40Sunflower41Impossible Germany42I Love You Golden Blue43Feel The Pain [2019 Remaster]44Ever Fallen in Love (With Someone You Shouldn't've?)45Black Magic46What's A Girl To Do?47The Killing Moon48Gold Lion49Copperhead Road50Honey Bucket51If I Ever Feel Better52No Ufo's (Vocal)53Maricas54History Song55Goddess on a Hiway56Palmitos Park57Sea Within a Sea58Modern Girl59College60Autumn Sweater61Ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space62Bull In The Heather (Album Version)632364Together In Electric Dreams65Kennedy66Thirteen67Suena Brillante68Hips and Makers69Brand New Love70Fuck Forever71Carry the Zero72Add It Up73I Love You 'Cause I Have To74Gravity's Gone75Friend of the Night76I Think I'm in Love77Flight Attendant78The Ocean79Why Won't You Stay80Let's Pretend81Have Love Will Travel82Istanbul83In Fiction (Remastered)84Otis (No Samples)85Love Like Blood86Supernatural87Dance To The Underground88Apply Some Pressure89The Orchids90Brand - New - Life91Beneath the Rose92Formed a Band93A Teenager in Love94Part Time Punks95Secret Heart96Guess Im Floating97That's When I Reach for My Revolver98It Girl99Bone Idol