The Trews: In Their Own Words

Ongoing History of New Music

18-05-2022 • 52 minutos

When a band forms, there’s little expectation that this could be a long-term endeavour...I mean, being a professional musician is hardly a sure many things could go wrong... But sometimes, a group will gain a little bit of traction...suddenly, a year passes and things are still happening...then two...then five...then ten...and if things are just right when it comes to the music and the audience and the industry and technology and plain stupid luck, the band might wake up one day to find that they’ve been professional musicians for 25 years... This is exactly what happened with The Trews... A band’s silver anniversary is cause for celebration...that’s a long time to be in it’s a good time to get everyone together to tell some stories...this is The Trews in their own words...