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More and More Medical Mysteries of Music

Ongoing History of New Music

08-05-2024 • 33 minutos

I want you to take a deep breath… It’s only when we focus on our breathing that we realize how important it is that 21% of our atmosphere is made up of oxygen…that is the ideal amount… Drop too, say 15%, and it would cause all sorts of mental and physical impairment…if the oxygen levels were to increase suddenly, we’d suffer “oxygen toxicity,” meaning that our cells would oxidize, leading to exhaustion and death… Meanwhile, spiders, roaches, and other crawly things would grow bigger and bigger because of their biology… if you think we have a wildfire problem now, imagine if those fires had more oxygen as fuel… So, unless you’re hoping for a burning planet covered in spiders the size of a compact car, 21% it is… Music is such an integral of our lives that we have no idea how important it is…I can even tell you…a study by Deezer, the French streaming service, says that to maintain a healthy lifestyle, we should listen to 78 minutes of music per day… The study broke things down even further…that 78 minutes should be portioned this way for maximum benefit… ·      14 minutes of uplifting music to exercise your happiness. ·      16 minutes of calming music ·      16 minutes of music that counteracts sadness. ·      15 minutes of motivational music to help with concentration. ·      And 17 minutes of music that will help you deal with anger. A few suggestions come with the study, too. Abba’s “Dancing Queen” is an example of the sort of happy music we should appreciate…when it comes to anger management, AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell” is about perfect, although certain tracks from Rammstein and Metallica are good, too—and Mozart for some reason… This stuff fascinates me…and whenever I run across a study or some research that connects music and the brain and our overall mental and physical help, I bookmark it…and I’ve bookmarked so much that we can now do a full program on it… This is another instalment of “The Medical Mysteries of Music” Show contact info: X (formerly Twitter): @AlanCross Website: Email: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit