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From the Archives: The Top 100 Moments in New Rock - Part 1

Ongoing History of New Music

05-06-2024 • 28 minutos

Hey, it's Alan Cross. For the next few weeks of the Podcast, we’re diving deep into the Ongoing History of New Music Archives with a series called “The Top 100 Moments in New Rock”. This originally aired 20 years ago in the spring of 2004…and we thought it might be fun to hear where we’ve been, how things used to be, and how much everything has changed since.  We hope you enjoy this look-back… When a lot of people look at history, they only look at the big know, the wars, the plagues, the disasters–you know what I mean? All those things are important, but they don’t even begin to tell half the story. To understand history, any kind of history is to also look at the little moments You know what I’m talking about...tiny, boring events and decisions that seemed completely innocuous and unimportant–or even meaningless–when they happened, yet eventually the consequences proved to be unbelievably huge. That’s what this ten-part series will be like...we’re going to look at the 100 most significant events in new rock history...some are obvious–you know, the big stuff that made the can’t ignore those... But we’re also going to look at the small things that are at the root of some of the big’s a fascinating way to look at history and society and art. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit