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27-12-2007 • 23 minutos

"Rocky Fortune" about a wanderer that took odd jobs to support himself and never stayed in one place too long. He almost always seemed to meet beautiful women along with trouble. Sinatra was good and was proving to Hollywood that he could do serious work. When casting began for the movie "From Here To Eternity", Frank campaigned tirelessly for a part and because of that and a good word put in for him by Gardner, who he was now separated from, he won a part that would mark his return to Hollywood. Sadly for us, it also meant he didn't have time to do radio and "Rocky Fortune" was rather short lived, although it was popular. It only ran from 1953 - 1954, but" It was a very good year".

December 22, 1953. NBC net. "The Plot To Murder Santa Claus". Sustaining. Not auditioned. Frank Sinatra, Theodore Von Eltz, Mary McGovern, Kay Stewart, Frank Gerstle, James Nusser, Barney Phillips, Bill Justine, George Lefferts (writer), Andrew C. Love (director). 24:34.