Hope is NOT a Plan

Kevin Pannell, PMP

Are you sick of dreaming big but never taking the first step? Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed by self-help advice that doesn't quite hit the mark? Welcome to Hope is NOT a Plan, the podcast where Kevin Pannell, with over 20 years of experience in personal and professional planning, guides you from wishful thinking to concrete action. But here's the game-changer: We don't just talk about it. Kevin goes beyond platitudes and equips you with actionable steps, expert insights, and valuable resources to craft your own roadmap to success. Think of it as a personal planning bootcamp delivered straight to your ears. Hope is NOT a Plan is for anyone ready to stop wishing and start doing. Join us and unlock the power to turn your dreams into reality, one actionable step at a time. Subscribe now and start building a life you truly love! #hopeisnotaplan "Hope is NOT a plan, but a good plan WILL bring people hope" - Kevin Pannell, PMP, Prosci read less