Episode 42: "I'm A Recovering Perfectionist" Ft Ashley and Amani

Thinking Out Loud: A Podcast On Grief And Mental Health

20-03-2021 • 1 hora 14 minutos

Feelings of self-doubt and not feeling good enough can be normal under certain circumstances but constantly telling yourself you aren't good enough  for something to the point where you talk yourself out opportunities or moments you know will help with your personal development can be damaging to your mental health and self-esteem. This week the boys are in conversation with fellow podcasters Ashley and Amani from Thoughts At The Mic podcast to talk about imposter syndrome, self-doubt, perfectionism, and various ways in which we can overcome these things.     Follow on Spotify and Subscribe on Apple Podcasts. Share your thoughts on this episode or any of the other episodes in the catalog by leaving a review on Apple Podcasts as your feedback is highly appreciated.     Please be sure to subscribe to the Youtube channel- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfMwC0J2ZDBeJIuU8K2mxNg/videos Hosts: Jermaine - https://www.instagram.com/maine_thoughts/ Ben - https://www.instagram.com/benacquaah_/ Thinking Out Loud - https://www.instagram.com/thinkingoutloudpod_/ Guests: Ashley  - https://www.instagram.com/ashley_topz/ Amani - https://www.instagram.com/_amanisamah/