You’re Awake And...Now What?!

Souls United Inc.

You’re Awake And...Now What?! You Got Questions and Need Answers. And this is exactly what we will discuss cuz this ”spiritually awakened” concious state ain’t easy. Sometimes you may ask WTF is going with me as you are standing on the edge of your sanity. Ya know you’re not crazy but what the heck is happening! Consider this podcast the spiritual Soul-Utions handbook that will help you unravel, understand, and undertake your pursuit to YOU! I wish I had a step by step instruction manual with lessons, real examples, anything to help me when I first gained my awareness and had these experiences while I lived my day to day. So I vowed to make one for others that was authentic and unbiased. Come let’s navigate the mystery of the mystical journey you are on. Let’s figure out how to balance the supernatural with your real world. Yeah we are gonna keep it real on the relationships and friendships we navigate, talk about your psychic abilities, get to know your soul, spirit guides, angels, learn about alchemy, past lives, transform your relationships, magic, and all else God, creator, the universe wants to share while living your everyday human life. Ya wanna find out why you’re awake and what’s your all that other amazing stuff without the B.S. press play! read less
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