The OOOM Show (The Out Of Our Minds Show)

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The OOOM Show (The Out Of Our Minds Show) is an exploration of altered states of consciousness, from yoga and meditation to psychedelics and plant medicine. Looking at ancient traditions as well as modern scientific research on the ways that getting out of our thinking minds has potential improve our wellbeing, creativity and spiritual connection.
"We have to get out of our minds, our thinking minds" - Ram Dass read less
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The OOOM Show S1 EP3
The OOOM Show S1 EP3
In Episode 3 of the OOOM Show, Our host Rosie Peacock talks with Marc-John Brown, a practitioner of modern shamanism since 2008 about preserving indigenous practices in the psychedelic space. With a background in translation and interpretation, Marc has travelled the world, spending extended periods of time with the medicine lineages of Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Korea, and Malaysia, connecting deeply to the Earth’s wisdom and walking shoulder-to-shoulder with the local indigenous populations.During this time, he delved deeply into his own healing journey in order to meet and integrate the dormant, hidden parts of himself that had been marred through acts of extreme childhood trauma and conditioning.Marc-John is now an apprentice of the ancient millenary wisdom lineage of the Shipibo-Konibo tribe of the Peruvian Amazon. He has developed a deep connection and relationship with the healing plants of the Shipibo lineage through rigorous dieting with master plants including Ayahuasca, the grandmother of all psychoactive plant medicines, and one that has activated a global renaissance of Indigenous wisdom and culture.Marc-John is also a qualified life coach and brain-based somatic practitioner. He lives between the UK and Peru with his wife - who is from a rich lineage of Quechua people from the Peruvian Andes - and their two children. Together with his wife, he continues to merge his teachings with the modern world of today. Check out Marc's social media and website: Ayla schaffer - Vuela con el viento