Susie Starts Ozempic

Dr. Pepper....Really?

05-12-2023 • 18 minutos

Susie Starts Ozempic: An up close look at how a health professional starts her weight loss journey

Join Dr. Gary Pepper, a seasoned endocrinologist, as he delves into the compelling story of Susie, a nurse practitioner who has grappled with weight issues for years. This intimate interview uncovers Susie's roller-coaster experience with various weight loss methods, from point-based food scoring to home-delivered meal plans, only to find herself in a recurring cycle of weight loss and regain.

In this episode, we explore Susie's latest endeavor with Ozempic, a GLP-1 agonist that has been making waves on social media for its remarkable weight loss results. While not originally intended for weight loss, Ozempic's off-label use raises vital questions about its effectiveness, potential side effects, and the financial burden it brings.

Dr. Pepper and Susie engage in a thought-provoking discussion on the pros and cons of this treatment, shedding light on the intricate balance between appetite suppression, the risk of side effects, and the looming possibility of rapid weight regain upon discontinuing the medication.

As we anticipate Susie's progression to a higher dosage, stay tuned for our next segment where we will revisit her journey, exploring deeper into the efficacy and challenges of this treatment.

This program, rich in educational insights, is not an endorsement or critique of any products or diets discussed. It serves as a reminder to consult with healthcare providers before embarking on any treatment program. Dive into this fascinating exploration of weight loss, medical treatments, and the personal struggles that accompany them.
(Note: our channel Metabolism123 will be changing its name to Dr. Pepper...Really? in coming months)

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