008: Manuel Peralez (First Blood)

Neanderthal Society Podcast

05-10-2021 • 3 horas 27 minutos

Thanks for checking out the Neanderthal Society Podcast. This week we’re talking to Manuel Peralez, an old friend and former member of First Blood, Set Your Goals, Suffocate Faster, Resist Control, Alcatraz, Chains and many more… Over the course of the conversation we discuss growing up in King City, finding skateboarding, getting into Punk and Hardcore, the Santa Cruz Hardcore scene in the late 90’s, moving to San Francisco, living in the Tenderloin, joining First Blood, playing Hellfest 2003, going on Warped Tour with Suffocate Faster, playing guitar in Set Your Goals, touring Europe with Agnostic Front, the origins of Alcatraz, his new band Dislocation and much more… Thanks for listening, enjoy the episode and please remember to follow us on Instagram. Hardcore lives. -Nathan