023: Ross Trenary (Caged View)

Neanderthal Society Podcast

02-08-2022 • 5 horas 9 minutos

Thanks for checking out the Neanderthal Society Podcast. Today we’re talking to Ross Trenary, formerly of Allegiance, Some Still Believe, Love Lies Bleeding and Sacred. Ross also currently plays guitar in a yet to be named band featuring former members of Allegiance and Embrace The End. Over the course of the conversation, we discuss growing up Kansas City, moving to Redding, skateboarding, loving Nirvana, playing guitar, finding Punk and Hardcore, discovering AFI and Redemption 87, the influence and impact of After The Fall, joining Some Still Believe, moving to the Bay Area, attending UC Berkeley, joining Allegiance, the origins and history of the band, touring the states, releasing records on Rivalry, the final days of the band, life after Allegiance, getting into cycling, moving to Israel, the Israeli Hardcore scene, coming back to the states, his career in finance and renewable energy, fatherhood, new musical projects and much more… Thanks for listening, enjoy the episode and please remember to follow us on Instagram. Hardcore lives.