015: The Q & A Episode

Neanderthal Society Podcast

07-12-2021 • 1 hora 53 minutos

Thanks for checking out the Neanderthal Society Podcast. After taking time off for the holidays, we’re back today with a brand new episode and this time we’re going to be doing something completely different… welcome to the Q & A episode. We recently collected and gathered 100 questions from our listeners, supporters, fans and followers from all around the world and it was really fun to switch things up for a change… I was able to share some honest (and blunt) opinions, go on a couple tangents, get nerdy, talk shit and shed light - all while discussing Hardcore, the Bay Area scene, NS and beyond. Big thanks to everyone that contributed and submitted questions, hopefully you all like it… Thanks for listening, enjoy the episode and please remember to follow us on Instagram. Hardcore lives.