014: Matt Wilson (Set Your Goals)

Neanderthal Society Podcast

16-11-2021 • 3 horas 15 minutos

Thanks for checking out the Neanderthal Society Podcast. This week we’re talking to Matt Wilson of Set Your Goals, Chains and Near Dark. Matt is an old friend and it was great to catch up and reminisce and cover so much Bay Area Hardcore history. Over the course of the conversation we discuss growing up in the East Bay, discovering Punk and Hardcore, the Bay Area scene in the mid-late 90’s, the influence of Towards An End, getting sent to Boarding School, forming Set Your Goals, the story behind the Eulogy situation, playing on Warped Tour, signing to Epitaph, the connection between Animosity and Set Your Goals, his love of heavy Hardcore and Metal, being Snoop Dogg’s tour manager, stock trading and working on Wall Street, the car accident, breaking his back, his road to recovery, taking hallucinogens and much more… Thanks for listening, enjoy the episode and please remember to follow us on Instagram. Hardcore lives.