021: Taylor Todd (Urban Sprawl)

Neanderthal Society Podcast

25-01-2022 • 2 horas 46 minutos

Thanks for checking out the Neanderthal Society Podcast. On today’s episode we’re talking to Taylor Todd of Urban Sprawl, Profile, Spiritual Cramp, Busted Outlook, Foreign Nature, Counter, Secret People and many more… Over the course of the conversation, we discuss growing up in Fort Bragg and living in the Emerald Triangle, finding skateboarding, getting into Punk and Hardcore, claiming Straight Edge, playing in bands with his older brother, moving to San Francisco, touring the world, why he’s “the closing pitcher” of SFHC, the origins of Urban Sprawl, putting out a record on Revelation, his favorite Bay Area Hardcore bands and much more… Thanks for listening, enjoy the episode and please remember to follow us on Instagram. Hardcore lives.