Melinda Eitzen Podcast with David Gair

The Melinda Eitzen Show

31-01-2024 • 31 minutos

Melinda Eitzen Podcast with David Gair

David Gair is an expert tax lawyer from Locke Lord, specializing in tax-focused law practice with an emphasis on tax controversy work.

In this informative episode of the Melinda Eitzen Show, host Melinda brings on tax law expert David Gair to demystify often overwhelming tax disputes and litigation. The conversation starts with David throwing light on the nuances of tax controversy work and its scope, offering the audience a detailed insight into the processes of resolving disputes with the IRS.

David and Melinda delve into various aspects of tax law, highlighting the criticality of proactively addressing IRS concerns, innocent spouse relief, and the implications of tax shelters. David’s pragmatic advice underscores the episode with actionable tips on how businesses can safeguard against common tax pitfalls, particularly relating to payroll taxes.