Clever Cub Bible Stories

Bob Hartman, Steve Brown, and David C Cook

Join the adventures of a curious little bear as Clever Cub learns more about the Bible and his own part in God’s story. Each episode shares a Bible story that comes alive through Clever Cub’s everyday adventures and helps your little ones explore the Word of God in new way. Clever Cubs is Produced by David C Cook © 2022. Based on the Clever Cub series published by David C Cook, written by Bob Hartman and illustrated by Steve Brown. All rights reserved. Users are prohibited from redistributing or reselling content owned by David C Cook without express authorization. David C Cook Full terms of End User License Agreement can be found at: Clever Cub Bible Stories is a part of the Christian Parenting Podcast network. Christian Parenting exists to give you the practical and spiritual help you need. Find out more at

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