The Stride S01E05

Belonging Songs

09-11-2020 • 9 minutos

The Stride is the Belonging Songs bonus show for you to enjoy while we're on hiatus leading up to season two, we just couldn't leave you hanging, because we love you! We love you!

Each week we'll play you a couple songs, this week's songs are:

Song #1 - "Karate" by Skelton-Luns

Song #2 - "Bugs" by Deadsurf, from their album "Surf Sludge"

Support Deadsurf by purchasing their album and merch at

If you would like your music featured on The Stride please send us the track, or a link to download, and permission allowing us to play your music to with subject "The Stride". We want your songs to belong!

Key Upcoming Dates:

11/16 - BS Episode #42 "Year-In-Review"

12/14 - BS Episode #43 "BS'n with BSrs"

01/04/2021 - Season 2 Begins!

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