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The Lightning Round Podcast #311: Historic collapse
The Lightning Round Podcast #311: Historic collapse
Garrett and Jamie recap the Chargers playoff loss to the Jaguars on the Lightning Round Podcast: After Hours. They live streamed their reactions regarding how the Chargers lost and some of the major turning points in the game.Defensively, the Chargers had as good of a gameplan to start the game as you could’ve hoped for, they had five total turnovers: four interceptions, one fumble, forced three punts and only gave up seven points in the first half. On 3rd downs, the Jags were 0 for 7 and the Chargers were 5 of 8 going into halftime. Unfortunately, everything changed in the second half. The Chargers defense didn’t get a single stop in the third and fourth quarter finishing the game with four straight touchdowns and a field goal to win it.Even though the Chargers put up 30 points, Justin Herbert was off. Herbert was 25 of 43 with 273 passing yards and a touchdown. Herbert didn’t get a single touchdown in the second half when the team needed it most. Gerald Everett had his best game as a Charger leading the team in yards with 109 and tied with Keenan Allen in receptions with six. Austin Ekeler scored two quick touchdowns but finished the day with 35 rushing yards and was bottled up in the second half.The guys talk about whose job is in jeopardy after this historic collapse, the events that shifted the game and Joey Bosa’s antics on the sideline that hurt the team late.e.That and more is all on the Lightning Round Podcast: After Hours!Join the Lightning Round Podcast Patreon!