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Join Rob Anderson in this brand-new podcast as he meets with some of the IT industry’s leading influencers to chat all things mainframe: where they’ve been; where they’re going, and how they’re continuing to drive the world’s most important industries with the assistance of modernization specialists. This podcast is brought to you by Advanced’s Cloud & IT Services. read less


Episode #2: Solving application modernization challenges with the mainframe
Episode #2: Solving application modernization challenges with the mainframe
The pace of legacy modernization is increasing at a staggering rate. According to a recent survey, 90% of IT leaders report they modernized mainframe workloads within the past three years, while only 11% undertook modernization initiatives before 2020.Every enterprise modernization journey is different, as are the needs that drive decision-making along the way. In reality, modernizations that include mainframe as a target are commonplace and our panel of experts will delve into the forces at work in these initiatives. Among other topics, they will discuss:Modernizing existing mainframe apps and data and extending them to the cloudOptimizing mainframe apps and data through technology consolidationHow IBM and Advanced are delivering success togetherPanel:John Currie, IBM Partner and Worldwide Practice Leader for Mainframe Application ModernizationRebecca Huber, CTO Application Modernization, IBM Consulting DACHPresenter:Rob Anderson, VP Marketing and Product, Advanced, Application ModernizationJoin our podcast as our experts discuss solving modernization challenges with the mainframe and provide insights and commentary backed by decades of experience.If you want to reach out to us, you can email Rob here or drop him a message on LinkedIn. Head to modernsystem.oneadvanced to find out more about what we do.If you enjoyed this episode then don't forget to rate and review us here - we know it's cliché to ask, but it really does help us out!ADDITIONAL LINKSmainframeXchange Official YouTube channelFAQs