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VTuber NewsDrop

VTuber NewsDrop

Drop down the rabbit hole for the latest VTuber news—this time, in Audio. :)

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Weekly NewsDrop #44—July 30, 2023
Weekly NewsDrop #44—July 30, 2023
It's hololive English -Advent- debut weekend! People are already excited to meet the 3rd Generation holoEN roster, given that fans have waited for a Gen 3 to appear for quite a while.We have already seen the debut of Shiori Novella and Koseki Bijou, and we have yet to see Nerissa Ravencroft—but most of us who are waiting for the debut are in it for FUWAMOCO, the first hololive twin VTubers. They're certainly not the first twins in VTubing, but their reveal sparked discussion on how twin VTubers work.This brings us back to that one photo from Duo Leveling's Yuki and Yuna Astrea, who shared their setup once again. This has to be one of my favorite VTuber photos of all time.Speaking of hololive, HOLORO (hololive Indonesia 2nd Generation) spared no crumbs entertaining everyone with a 1-hour variety mini 3D Live "Holoro Show," a featuring a variety of segments that will excite you, make you laugh and at one point, tug your heartstrings.Meanwhile, we've already seen what X (formerly Twitter) is, and more users are finding other places to share their thoughts. Japanese users are already flocking to, a fediverse instance using the Misskey software.As for NewsDrop... We're already on Threads. Once Threads opens up to the fediverse, you can follow us and get the latest soon. (For the meantime, I already have my handle, which you can follow on either Mastodon or its variants—including Misskey!)All the news stories gathered from last week can be read on this page. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.