Common Existence by Thursday (Side A) w/ Sean Patrick Campbell (Damn Teeth, Thin Privilege) - 317

Unsung Podcast

06-05-2024 • 1 hora 1 minuto

As a die-hard Thursday fan, this week's guest comes right out the gates in explaining why Thursday he'll always love. And as it turns out, they're quite an easy band to love due to their ethics and overall affability as a band. Geoff Rickly himself often comes across earnestly and well in interviews, which is something Chris is keen to point out and dive into in the first part of this three parter.

In Side A we chat about the band's history, their place in both the New Brunswick, New Jersey music scene, as well as their place in the early-00s emo scene as a whole. At the time, they were touted by some as being the next Nirvana but it was a label that never fit the band. We talk about all that, and their journey to becoming a major label act, in this episode.