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The power of storytelling: The School of Media and Journalism, one of five schools in Kent State’s College of Communication and Information, helps students discover the power of storytelling – the news story, the feature story, the multimedia story, the client’s story and the short film. And in the process, we help students discover their own brand stories: who they are, what unique skills they offer and what they want to do with their professional lives. This is our podcast. read less


Episode1: Humphrey Fellow visit, all about student media, more about The Sphere
Episode1: Humphrey Fellow visit, all about student media, more about The Sphere
In our inaugural episode of Around the Sphere, we hear voices from all around Franklin Hall – and the world. Media and Journalism Director Emily Metzgar introduces MDJ and its majors and opportunities, as well as our goals with Around the Sphere. We hear from Kevin Dilley, Director of Student Media, about the fundamentals and opportunities for everyone within student media. This episode’s feature focuses on Humphrey Fellow Ruslanas Irzikevicious and his recent visit to MDJ to discuss Disinformation and help share knowledge about stopping the spread of misinformation. Ruslanas publishes two news sites in English – and the English section of Learn about his history as a Lithuanian journalist on the frontlines fighting disinformation and propaganda to defend his home country. To wrap up, Podcast Project Manager Kimmy Daniels and Advisor Luke Armour tell you more about the Sphere we’re going around. SECTION ONE: Emily Metzgar introduction 0:39 – 1:54 In our inaugural episode of Around the Sphere, Director of Media and Journalism Emily Metzgar takes a moment to introduce MDJ and its majors and opportunities. She also discusses the goals of Around the Sphere – to connect with friends, alumni, supporters and those who might be “outside the sphere” to tell the stories of what happens within MDJ. SECTION TWO: KEVIN DILLEY INTRODUCES KENT STATE STUDENT MEDIA 1:58 – 6:24 Director of Kent State Student Media Kevin Dilley introduces student media and its mission statement, as well as the opportunities within student media. Student media encourages excellence, leadership and accountability to help students become “innovative, ethical and skilled media producers in a diverse and global society.” Listen to learn how you can get involved in student media as early as your first year, with over 400 students this year across 10 media partners on over 30 platforms. Student media utilizes digital, social, broadcast and print media to help students find their place within Kent, within MDJ, and within student media. SECTION THREE: HUMPHREY FELLOW RUSLANAS IRZIKEVICIUS VISITS MDJ TO DISCUSS DISINFORMATION AND COMBATING MISINFORMATION 6:27 – 16:03 Humphrey Fellow Ruslanas Irzikevicious visited the school of Media and Journalism the week of September 20, 2021 to meet with students and faculty to discuss the topic of Disinformation. A journalist from Lithuainia, Ruslanas has been a first-hand witness to the fall of the Soviet Union and experienced Lithuania transform from a dictatorship into a liberal democracy. In this time, he has worked to make news more accessible to English-speaking people to combat the disinformation and propaganda about Lithuania coming from non-Lithuanian sources. He publishes two news sites in English – and the English section of In his time at Kent State, Ruslanas met with student organizations like TV2 and spoke with faculty about free speech, the first amendment, countering disinformation and political polarization. For more information about Ruslanas and his visit, read the upcoming article in MDJ’s alumni-focused magazine, Jargon. SECTION FOUR: FRANKLIN HALL FUN FACT: WHY AROUND THE SPHERE? 16:07 – 17:54 Wondering what sphere we’re going around? Podcast Project Manager, Kimmy Daniels, and Luke Armour, Podcast Advisor, discuss the meaning behind the art that this podcast was named after. The art that we’re named after is titled StarSphere 2010 by Susan Ewing, which sits on the sidewalk of Esplanade Circle in front of Franklin Hall. The piece is a physical embodiment of the first amendment and reflective of the importance of the media. SECTION FIVE: SEND US FEEDBACK! 17:55 – 18:16 Please send us comments, suggestions, feedback or just say hello to