Flourish with Trish

Trish Henderson

Flourish with Trish is a podcast dedicated to the curious and creative. Working with like minded women chasing their dreams is something Trish has always been passionate about. Being a freelance photographer who specialises in creating content for women run businesses means that no two days are the same. Trish realises that it's a privilege being able to spend her days with passionate women in their respective fields. The knowledge each of these women share in the short time they have together is incredibly inspiring, and deserves to be shared with a wider audience. So, here we are. From thought provoking conversations, to personal life stories, and everything in between, Trish can’t wait to introduce you to some of the beautiful women who have inspired her along the way. Trish's hope is that this podcast ignites a fire within, and inspires you to live a life full of passion and purpose. Let’s flourish together read less