E21: First Show

Never Let The Fires Die: The Alarm Podcast

22-11-2019 • 26 minutos

Thanksgiving is the anniversary of our first  Alarm show (first concert ever) at Cal State Fullerton in November 1985.  In this episode we have a very personal discussion about what that show meant to us as teenagers.

In  this discussion we get a few things wrong.  It's been 34 years, not 33.  The show started with Deeside, not Declaration/Marching On, and we cannot confirm the band played The Chant.  The memory of the show has been some what corrupted over the years by listening to "live" tapes.  Speaking of "live" tapes, the music in this episode was taken from the following sketchy live bootlegs, chosen to closely approimate the band when wesaw the mthe first time.
-Gaumont Theatre, Southampton 18.12.85
-Marquee, London 16.10.85
-City Hall, Newcastle 13.12.85

Thanks to Pete Cole for providing the audio files, and to The Alarm , of course, for playing on them.