The Bold Tackle

Sophie Howard & Oliver Howard

The world of football has changed. The development we have seen over the past decade is breathtaking. For a long time, professional football has been evolving far beyond a Saturday afternoon beer with the mates, willing your team on to excellence and triumph on the pitch. It unites people from the most diverse backgrounds and gives purpose to so many, but it is a hard-fought industry. A world full of glory and recognition but also one filled with disappointment and pain. A world in which financial gain often prevails over a player’s well-being and in which a good performance outweighs the mental stability of the individual. A world in which the development and growth of women’s football is breaking records everywhere we look, but yet, these athletes are still fighting for acceptance, recognition and equal opportunity every single day. What is it truly like to be a professional athlete in this environment? How do you deal with your worth so often being sought to be dependent on your performance on the pitch? In this podcast we are ready to tackle bold topics in sport, highlight the women's football industry and speak about the unspoken. If you are ready to get an insight into what really goes on behind the scenes, join us on our journey and listen in to The Bold Tackle. read less