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Stephen Albert

If you’ve ever wanted to prepare and eat more fresh vegetables, fruits, and herbs, and you think you might enjoy growing your own organic food, then this podcast is for you. Get all the tips you need to plant, grow, harvest, and prepare your favorite vegetables, herbs, and fruits in just 5 minutes twice each week. Join master gardener and long-time garden educator Stephen Albert to learn how you can grow your best food garden ever. read less


Herb Growing Basics
Herb Growing Basics
Join us as we share a comprehensive guide to successful herb cultivation. The episode covers the simplicity of growing herbs from families like parsley, mint, and daisy. It delves into essential aspects such as soil preparation, proper watering techniques, and understanding the lifecycles of annual, biennial, and perennial herbs.    You don’t wanna miss this episode as we reveal the remarkable partnership between herbs and vegetables, where herbs act as natural pest repellents. Whether you're a novice or an experienced gardener, the episode offers valuable insights into indoor herb cultivation, selecting containers, and optimizing soil conditions.    Tune in to gain confidence in nurturing thriving herb gardens that enhance your culinary experiences.   You can keep growing with these books from Stephen Albert and Harvest to Table: Vegetable Garden Grower’s Guide, also Kitchen Garden Grower’s Guide, and Vegetable Garden Almanac and Planner. Highlights: (02:12) Mastering Soil Preparation: Deep digging, proper seed contact, and the benefits of grouped planting. (04:30) Understanding Herb Types: Exploring the different growth patterns of annuals, biennials, and perennials. (06:15) Smart Watering Techniques: Adapting watering strategies for different herb categories. (08:40) Herbs as Pest Protectors: Utilizing herbs' natural repellent properties to enhance companion planting with vegetables. (09:00) Sunlight and Herb Location: Optimal sun exposure for herbs, with recommendations for hot climates. (09:45) Moisture Needs: Grouping herbs based on moisture preferences for efficient watering. (10:15) Indoor Herb Growing: Exploring the possibilities and benefits of growing herbs indoors. (10:45) Container Selection: Choosing appropriate containers and emphasizing drainage importance. (11:00) Soil Considerations: Using quality potting soil or planter mix for optimal herb growth. Links: Website: Harvest to Table iTunes: Harvest to Table Podcast Spotify: Harvest to Table Podcast Google Podcast: Harvest to Table Podcast Amazon Music: Harvest to Table Podcast