Letting Down My Guard

Just Between You & Me

30-04-2023 • 56 minutos

Welcome to season 2 of the podcast! I missed you guys!

In this episode, I will be diving into what it means to be vulnerable and open. I will talk about my recent experiences with letting my guard down, and a little about how that situation turned out.

We will address the following questions in this episode:

  • What are some barriers that hold people back from being vulnerable?

  • How can we identify and overcome these barriers?

  • How do you build trust?

  • What are some common fears that people have about letting down their guard?

  • How do you address these fears

...and many more.

I hope you take something from this episode that you can apply in your personal lives. If you want to contact me or stay updated outside of the podcast, you can follow my podcast Instagram account at @justbetweenyouandme.pod or my personal Instagram at @reallyjustvez.