How much of a bless it is to find true love

Hold onto your a$$

23-06-2022 • 21 minutos

I was planning on recording a completely different topic but as I was remembering to send my brother and his wife a card so changed the topic of this podcast. I saw on her FB they had gone to the beach for their thirty third wedding anniversary!! Such a monumental accomplishment. I have to admit I’m jealous. I’m jealous of the beach too but I’m more jealous that they were able to find each other. I hopw they had a glorious time at the beach. I know it hasn’t been all unicorns and sunshine but they didn’t take the easy way out when there were challenges. I commend them for that it is too easy for people just up and leave whether they are married or not. I have never been fortunate to find someone to get married to but have been in a few longer term relationships so I know the give and take compromise can be hard at times. Even if you don't get married I feel long term committed relationships are totally worth the work involved.

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