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This podcast will interview current and former professional athletes from across the world and across sports on how they are approaching their careers post professional play. The transition from professional play into the next phase of an athletes career touches a number of critical, yet less discussed, areas of concern. FrontierX aims to highlight these areas including but not limited to financial literacy, mental resilience, purpose seeking, brand management, NIL navigation, entrepreneurship, investing… all topics that athletes and those seeking transitions in their lives can find value in. Storytelling and conversational interviewing make up the format of this podcast. Hosted by Ludis Capital’s partners Matilda Sung and Sam Li, along with venture partners from the firm, we will hear many invaluable life stories detailing challenges, grit, and wins. Each episode will also showcase a fun and unexpected side of each athlete interviewed…stay tuned to the end of each episode! Ludis Capital is an investment firm focused on investing in early stage companies at the intersection of sports, media and technology. Headquartered in Los Angeles, Ludis has offices and operations in US, Europe, and New Zealand. To learn more about Ludis Capital, please visit read less


Ep. 2: Finding Mental Resilience with Jelani Jenkins
Ep. 2: Finding Mental Resilience with Jelani Jenkins
Guest: Jelani Jenkins, Former linebacker with Miami Dolphins, PostSeason CEO Hosts: Matilda Sung, Chris Minor Concerns around mental health wellness continues to emerge as more and more elite athletes come forward with their struggles...Naomi Osaka, Michael Phelps, Simone Biles, Serena Williams, Ricky Williams, Abby Wambach, Delonte West.... and the list continues...Elite athletes can appear as unwavering champions, but it comes with no surprise that they too struggle with the same adversities as any other human being. The stress of being in the public eye and weathering injuries, competition, contract negotiations, etc can be overwhelming. Jelani Jenkins, former Dolphins linebacker witnessed this first hand when injury ultimately took him off the field and into the world of mental health. In this episode, listeners will: 1. Learn about Jelani's journey from having a solid athletic career through to the NFL to one that was challenging mentally and ultimately brought him to do something about it 2. Hear more about what exactly mental health and wellness means for athletes, why it's still so hard to speak up, what more leagues/teams/franchises/clubs/organizations can do to support 3. Learn what one can do to help him or herself when going through tough times 4. Postseason - Jelani's startup that addresses athletes who are transitioning off their careers and looking for their second passions and how that can help others who are struggling in that process 5. Learn a breathing technique to overcome stressful times - led by Jelani himself!