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Kristen Kaweck

I left my last job because of burnout during the pandemic. The work-life balancing act is so real and it is increasingly important that we actively and consciously carve out time for the one that keeps it all going, ourselves. My friends... you are working, running households, marching for justice, and carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. I see you. I hear you. I‘m here for you. No matter where you work, play, eat, or rest, meet me where you are, wherever you are, and let‘s do a little self-care, ya? Explore this podcast and build your mental, emotional, and physical muscles. Build stamina with guided yoga practices, meditations, and breathing exercises. It‘s you time. read less
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Mindfulness Practice | 25 Minute Body Scan Meditation
Mindfulness Practice | 25 Minute Body Scan Meditation
Body scan meditations are meant to help you get in touch with your bodily sensations, both good and bad. It is also a great tool for calming the mind and body. Although body scan meditation practice is not about relaxing, relaxation may naturally occur as a result of this meditation. Therefore, it is important to practice non-striving. Non-striving means that we do not strive toward any particular experience during this meditation. We simply allow and experience whatever arrives in the moment.   Tips For Practicing  There are a number of variations of body scan meditations out there. How you go about this meditation and the order in which you decide to move through different parts of your body is not critical. You can choose to move through parts of your body in any order you wish. Try to release any goals for your practice. The main objective of this practice is to practice non-judgment and simply allow your thoughts and feelings to be as they are in the moment; without trying to change them. Try to find a time and space to practice where you will not be disturbed. If possible, wear comfortable and loose clothing. This meditation is recommended to be done while lying on your back but if this is not comfortable, then you can do it sitting in a chair. If you choose to lie down, you can keep your palms up towards the sky and with your legs slightly apart. Allow your feet to fall open to either side. During this meditation, you can close your eyes or leave them open. If you choose to leave them open, try to maintain a soft and unfocused gaze. If you tend to fall asleep while lying on your back, it might be better to sit on a chair or keep your eyes open to try to stay awake as best as you can.  Source: Mindfulness Training with YogaRenew   Intro/Outro Music: Where Are We Going by Aaron Kellim