60 Miles on the Appalachian Trail Part 1

Ironworks Podcast

31-10-2022 • 42 minutos

Early in October 2022, Acie and Steve got the opportunity to be invo;lved in a really cool project. The 99For1 project was a one-hundred-mile hike on the Appalachian Trail in the rugged Mountains of Tennessee. The project was a way for Evangelist Joe Phillips to raise funds and support for his JPM Ministry. Acie and Steve joined the project in a support role to help Joe prepare and execute this lofty goal of doing one-hundred miles in 9 days. Joe is not an avid backpacker nor hiker, so the guys got to come alongside he and missionary Brad Sasser to help with the project. It was also a great chance for the guys to get out into the backcountry. In part 1 the guys talk a little about the project and start unpacking what these sixty miles looked like once they got going.