Ironworks Podcast

Acie Hylton and Steve Croy

Acie and Steve are two guys who, through twenty years of friendship, have accumulated a quiver full of funny stories, pursued a range of outdoor activities, and pushed each other to be better men. A very accomplished cyclist competing in mountain, gravel, and road race events, Acie brings a wealth of knowledge about training, equipment, and the ability to suffer well. Steve enjoys the backcountry in a variety of ways. Much more relaxed about fitness and training, he still regularly trains for his mountaineering and alpine objectives on the trails near the New River Gorge National Park. His analytical personality, and frequent trips into the backcountry have given him the opportunity to test an endless array and combination of gear and find a balance that allow him to stay fit and still fulfill all of his other responsibilities. We hope to pass these hard-won lessons on in the Ironworks.

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