Ep.8: Does Brian Flores' NFL Lawsuit Stand a Chance?

The Federalist Outpost

03-03-2022 • 1 hora 21 minutos

On February 1st, 2022, former NFL head coach Brian Flores filed a class action discrimination lawsuit against the National Football League and several NFL football teams. According to court filings, Mr. Flores claims that several teams intentionally discriminated against Black head coach candidates when making their decision on who to hire. The lawsuit was sparked after New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick accidentally texted Brian Flores instead of Brian Daboll, to congratulate him on being selected to be the New York Giants new head coach.

The problem with that was that Brian Flores still had not attended his interview with the Giants, and was the only minority candidate being considered for the position. As a result of Giants’ decision, and despite having just been a head coach for three years for the Miami Dolphins, Mr. Flores took to social media and television to claim that the selection of Brian Daboll as coach of the Giants was the result of an inherently discriminatory process.

Joining the Federalist Outpost this week is Florida employment discrimination attorney Aaron Roberson of Roberson & Roberson, P.A. Mr. Roberson works extensively in discrimination cases such as the Flores lawsuit, and gives his read on whether or not Mr. Flores’ lawsuit will fare any better than Colin Kaepernick’s lawsuit did previously.

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