Ann Hamlin – Director of Training and Science | DisposeRx

Opioids: Hidden Dangers, New Hope

15-10-2018 • 11 minutos

For most Americans wearing a safety belt in the car is now second nature, but that was not always the case. In the 1960s concern about road safety and traffic fatalities prompted the U.S. government to study the effects of seatbelt usage. By 1965 every state in the union had a law requiring front seat belt usage but it took more than legislation to change the public's behavior. In fact by 1982 only 11% of drivers used seat belts but things changed.Powerful, sometimes shocking, occasionally even humorous commercials flooded the airwaves in a public service campaign that changed people's thinking about wearing seat belts. It worked. In 2016 the national highway traffic safety administration reports that the national seat belt usage rate is over 90%. I recently spoke with Ann Hamiln of DisposeRx about the opioid crisis and about how the public should view the issue of drug disposal. She believes “We have to look at disposing of your medication like we look at wearing your seatbelt.” The entire transcript for this podcast can be found on our website here:
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