Pop Medieval Ep 40: “There Can Be Only One, SpongeBob!”

Pop Medieval

05-12-2021 • 36 minutos

Doc and Nina take on a beloved camp classic for Movember: Highlander. Guess what — it’s also from 1986! And Sean Connery is back, doing his Scottish non-Scot thing again. Topics covered: what exactly the Prize is, Christopher Lambert’s myopic sword-fighting, the Quickening, Styrofoam pillars, Rachel’s origin story, the best line in the film, medieval wrasslin’, the Kurgan as our language ancestor, witans versus things, and Doc’s experience impressing elementary school kids in “Camelot.” Recommendations: World’s Most Expensive Medieval Sword – 13th Century Kamakura Katana (https://luxatic.com/the-top-10-most-expensive-medieval-weapons-ever-sold/) Beowulf (1999) w/ Christopher Lambert (https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0120604/) *Note from staff: apparently, the Quickening went down while Nina was recording and it screwed up her audio. Apologies for that.*