Pop Medieval Ep 44: An Interview with Professor Awesome

Pop Medieval

20-02-2022 • 25 minutos

In this very special episode of Pop Medieval, Nina rescues Doc from a bicycle repair man's refrigerator and interviews him about his latest book, "The Watch of Traxis." She asks the important questions like, is this book a horror novel? Topics covered: the genesis of the name Prof Awesome, tabletop roleplaying games, wristwatches ruining SEO, Doc's lazy writing style, and some Discord shoutouts! Buy "The Watch of Traxis" in print or ebook form today! (https://www.amazon.com/Watch-Traxis-Professor-Awesome-ebook/dp/B09LXHTPSJ/) See hwaet's Poppin' in the Pop Medieval Discord. Join us at: https://discord.gg/VaF2sZdeGk

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