Pop Medieval Ep 41: The Last Duel, or The Wrongs about Medieval Property Rights

Pop Medieval

20-12-2021 • 47 minutos

*Note: This episode contains very frank discussion of rape and sexual assault due to the plot of the film, “The Last Duel.” This also contains plot spoilers of a historical event.* Doc and Nina review their final Movember movie — well into December — “The Last Duel.” It’s intense, it’s difficult, but it’s absolutely brilliant. Nina shares her new taglines for each chapter of the movie and Doc gives his assessment of the movie’s opinion of, um, “little deaths.” Both Nina and Doc have their own separate rants in this one, so get comfortable. Topics covered: The Hundred Years’ war, property ownership, de Carrouges’ temper tantrums, le Gris’ project management skills, the bit of movie pandering during Marguerite’s title fade, Doc and Nina’s love of this movie despite their complaints, the French inquisition, the outcome of the duel, who owns a piece of land anyway, the science of orgasm a

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