Pop Medieval Ep 36: Some Games are Good, Others are Halatafl

Pop Medieval

10-10-2021 • 24 minutos

Shall we play a (board) game? Doc shows Nina a board game featuring a raging Geat and Fairytale Femme Fatale. Topics of discussion: Beowulf, Little Red Riding Hood, asymmetrical games, board games, metaphors, fox and geese, Doc’s hair, condescending comic book guys, Squid Game, and Mrs. Awesome’s patience. Recommendations Pop Medieval Ep 16: A Beginner’s Guide to the SCA (https://www.profawesome.com/podcast/pop-medieval-ep-16-a-beginners-guide-to-the-sca/) An Outsider’s View of the SCA (https://unlocked-wordhoard.blogspot.com/2007/10/outsiders-view-of-sca.html) Root (https://ledergames.com/products/root-a-game-of-woodland-might-and-right) ed: Root is a 4-person game, not a 5-person game.