Compassion: What It Is and What It Isn’t | Tiara Thomas

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22-09-2022 • 33 minutos

Setting boundaries is often viewed as a preventive measure that can help us avoid falling into the cycle of violence and abuse. But when one is already deep into the void and all that’s left to do is either sink further or grasp for air and rise above, we sometimes forget that we have to protect whatever is left within us by setting boundaries. Yes, it's never too late to do that. Even if you are already scarred, exhausted, and devastated – it is still imperative to understand and establish your limits so that you can break free from the trauma bond and, ultimately, stop enabling your abuser’s toxicity and manipulation. By doing this, you are regaining your worth and confidence through self-compassion.

Consequently, the hope is that you can extend the same amount of compassion to your narcissistic abuser by making them realize the consequences of their actions and by standing firm in your convictions so that they are compelled to seek help and change for the better.

Tune in and understand the true and deeper meaning of being compassionate to others and to one’s self through our guest, Tiara Thomas, who is both a survivor and a Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Coach.

Healing Points of This Episode:

  • Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom first before you recognize the need to rise above your situation and seek any sort of resolution or change.
  • We have to break belief systems about ourselves to realize our worth again and to break free from situations that chain us.
  • Self-compassion or compassion is not self-sacrifice.
  • Trying to fix or rescue someone is not being compassionate to them or to yourself, and it can even be a form of manipulation.

Words of Healing

  • “When you're sacrificing for others, it's not compassionate to you or to them because how much are you really able to give? You're like pouring from an empty cup; and ultimately, nobody wins in that scenario.” – Tiara Thomas
  • “[By] sparing someone else's feelings and not speaking your truth and not being authentic, you are kind of removing choice in your relationships. You're not allowing other people to express themselves authentically. And it's actually not compassionate towards them to not give them an authentic reflection of what you're seeing as well.” – Tiara Thomas
  • “When we understand something, we don't have fear. Fear is the one thing, I think, that really blocks compassion; because fear comes from a lack of understanding.” – Tiara Thomas

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